The greatest casino movies

The plots of the films in question revolve around the top casinos and bets. The main characters are professional gamblers, scammers, and just random people. They all have one thing in common: they cannot imagine their life without gambling. So, here are the top movies about gambling and free online casinos.

The greatest casino movies – The Players (2008)

A young man named Alex falls into the “apprentices” of a professional poker player. None of his friends and family knows that the young man comprehends all the techniques of gambling skill in order to one day compete with the best gamblers in the whole world. And here he is faced with a dilemma: what should he choose – money or family?

The greatest casino movies – Croupier (1998)

Jack is an aspiring writer who takes a job in a casino to earn extra money. He has a low opinion of gambling and casino visitors, but the more he watches them, the more he is drawn into this world. In addition, the strict rules that he was told about when applying for a job are often violated.

The greatest casino movies – Revolver (2005)

The main characters together organize an underground gaming establishment, but through the fault of one of them, the other has to play in order to save the life of his brother and his family. But after a police raid, he ends up in prison, where he studies card business in order to get out to freedom and take revenge on his former companion.

The greatest casino movies – Lucky (2007)

The main character is a poker master who reaches the very top. The next stage, which he must conquer, is the victory in a major championship, as well as the seduction of a famous singer. But his own father, no less successful player than his son, turns out to be able to prevent this.

The greatest casino movies – The Big Game (2017)

A movie about gambling and women! A story based on real events and a book written by their main character. Molly opens an underground casino club, which soon attracts influential businessmen and wealthy Hollywood stars, ready to gamble for big money. But difficult days come when her business is monitored simultaneously by the mafia and the FBI.

The greatest casino movies – 13 (2010)

Russian roulette is an unpredictable and dangerous game, but it is in it that the main character is forced to play when he is broke. His number is 13, and around not only playing for money, but also killing for it. The protagonist has no other way to leave the game, except to die or win. Moreover, the prize is very large.

The greatest casino movies – Twenty-One (2008)

Five heroes are mathematicians: four students and their professor. They believe that exact science can completely turn the tide of the game and ruin the largest casinos in Las Vegas. They have in their hands an independently developed strategy and stone endurance.

The greatest casino movies – Havana (1990)

Havana is a card tournament that the main character wants to organize. His rule is not to rely on anyone but himself: until he meets the girl who prompted him to win. And then the risk of a higher level begins – life is at stake.

The greatest casino movies – Sharpie (1998)

Mike, a student and future lawyer, is drawn into the underground gambling life of New York. Together with the hero, the viewer experiences successes and losses, victories and major defeats. A card player can lose a lot, and one day there comes a time when there is no one to borrow money to wager.