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Everyone who has started their game with the best online poker knows the basic rules of Texas Hold’em, but when they hear the name Omaha poker in the tournament of the top casinos online, often do not know what to say. Is it right? Certainly not, especially since it turns out that the basic playing techniques in both variations are very similar to each other. It’s worth broadening your horizons, so here is a quick guide on how to start playing Omaha Poker.

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Best online poker – How to play Omaha poker

The game is played with one deck of cards, but unlike Texas Hold’em, each player receives as many as four starting cards to start, and there can be a maximum of ten players. In such a game, as many as 45 out of 52 cards in the deck take part in each hand. This gives you a much better chance of making a really good hand. It should only be remembered that we always use two hole cards and three cards from the table to play. Neither player can use a different configuration. This is the basic difficulty of this variety.

Each game begins with placing blinds in the pot. This is the big blind and the small blind and the dealing of starting cards. This is followed by rounds of betting which are exactly the same as in Texas Hold’em. The player has the option to:

  • Fold – when further calling becomes unprofitable
  • Check – wait the turn to see what will happen, provided that no one has raised our bet before
  • Call – equalize the bet of the previous player, to stay in the game
  • Raise – raise another player’s bet to make the call unprofitable for players with a weak hand
  • Place a bet – make a bet when no one has done so before

After the first betting round (pre-flop) The first three community cards are dealt to the table.

A second betting round follows with each player taking steps to win the pot. The next card (turn) appears on the table and the players try to show that their hand is the strongest. Those who put the pot into the game have the opportunity to see the fifth and last community card. This is the river followed by the final betting round. When more than one person remains in the game, there is a showdown, i.e. revealing your cards and checking whose hand is the strongest.

Variants of the game

Since the origins of poker, there are several variations of this game that can be found on sites such as Omaha Hi-Lo guarantees interesting gameplay with an additional thrill. It is also divided into limit games and no games. The only, but significant difference is that at the end of each game the pot is split in half and split between the players with the highest and lowest hands. The high hand pot is taken by the player with the highest hand in the hand hierarchy. The low hand pool is taken by the person who has no more than 8 cards or no pair in his 2 + 3 hand. It is possible for the same person to score both pots, for example by having a straight (ace-five, four-eight) or a flush.

It is worth remembering that unlike Hold’em, play after the flop is very important. Since each player starts with four starting cards, many of them choose to even see the flop. Also, hands that are much stronger than in other variations win, because it is practically impossible for a pair to win, and two pairs are not treated as a strong hand. Especially when there is a straight or flush draw on the board. Then there is a high probability that our opponent has it.